Choosing the Mobile Operating System: Benefits of the Windows Phone


Microsoft developed a number of Smartphones with operating systems known as Windows Phone (WP). It has many features that entertain people and provide facilities within no time. Although, it was considered that Microsoft’s products are very difficult to operate because of their difficult graphical interface, but this time Microsoft created a simple and easy to use interface for the Windows Phones.  In addition to this, Microsoft provided maximum software facility with the minimum usage of the hardware in the phones.

Only because of its beneficial features, Windows Phone is getting popular among people with regards to other mobile systems. All these features can help the people to choose their phones. A list of few features is given below

  • Easy to use graphical interface

As compared to the other mobile systems, Windows Phones have user friendly graphical user interface.  Other Androids and mobile systems do have easy to use graphical interface, but not to that level. As we know that Android is the phone of power users. Windows phone just works smoothly.

  • Free from crap applications

Most of the mobile systems have open source means they can get application available at any site on the internet either they are crap or not. This is not for the Windows Phones. All the mobile phones have closed source, it means applications should be purchased from the authentic source of Microsoft and they will be free of viruses and craps. So, by choosing Windows Phone you avoid all kinds of viruses and crap applications.

  • No adware threat

Microsoft allows all the users of Windows Phones to play the games or access any application easily. All these phones are free from the threat of adware. On the other hand, mobile phones are creating problems for the people by adware irritating features. You have to manually close all those adwares that appear in the mid of the application or the games you are playing.

  • Amazing keypad

In addition to all the other features, the best feature of the keypad. Windows Phone has a smooth, snippy and accurate keypad. You can compare the keypad of any other mobile system with the Windows Phone, you will really feel differently.

  • Best Microsoft services

Unlike all the other mobile phones, Windows Phone allows you the facility to pay a monthly fee once and get any number of songs any time free of cost. You can download these songs or get entertained by online means, it is up to you. All the other androids and mobile systems do not provide such a facility. You have to pay for each and every download. So Windows Phone provides you best services without any problem.

  • Free Microsoft Office

4692067762_2228ca60e4_oMicrosoft has provided the facility of Microsoft Office in all the Windows Phones.  This edition of the phones has been proved to be very successful as it allows the user to access his remote files easily with the help of share point server.  You only need to know the exact words of the file name and then you can get the file easily. If you want to email any file, then it is possible too. Sitting at a far distance, you can not only get your file, but you can also mail it to your friend or any other person.


  • Home screen recreation

You can manage the home screen of the Windows Phones according to your requirements. It provides information about the applications rather than the icons of the applications. You can move your required application at your home screen and access any application any time.  On Windows Phone, all the applications are placed in alphabetical manner. You have to touch the alphabet and get your required application easily.


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